How to Use an Inversion Table Correctly

Because humans walk upright, the spinal column is constantly under pressure from gravity and the pressure of supporting the weight of the head and torso. Over time, the disks separating the spinal vertebrae become compressed, and this often causes pain, which can be severe. Common treatments for back pain There are surgical, medicinal and manipulative … Read more

Inversion Table Benefits Proven By Research

inversion table benefits

Deciphering the benefits of any personal health treatment makes for difficult work. People with lumbar pain – upper or lower spinal discomfort – know the list of potential relief treatments for their discomfort, and unfortunately, more often than not, the prescribed methods fall short in providing relief. Whether a back pain sufferer lies flat with … Read more

The Secrets of Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that aims to transform the mind and body of the practitioner.  Originally an eastern tradition, various forms of yoga have become increasingly more popular in the western world as yogis have grown to appreciate its unique calming properties and effectiveness in combating a myriad of chronic pain … Read more

What Everyone Should Know About Inversion Therapy

Many people turn to inversion therapy in an effort to relieve back pain. The process involves hanging upside down. This treatment usually provides temporary relief, but those who have high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma must be careful before undergoing this treatment because the head-down position may potentially aggravate these conditions. Even though inversion … Read more