The Health Benefits of Hanging Upside Down

hanging upside downSimply put, inversion tables are a way for you to experience the health benefits of hanging upside down. You can do this in a safe manner with the proper equipment, both enhancing the benefits and ensuring that you are not injured in any way during the process. However, have you found yourself wondering what these benefits may be in the first place? Are you wondering if there is really that much to gain? If so, there are a few key benefits that you need to consider, which are the results of scientific study and observation.

Relaxing Your Muscles

Here’s the thing: Even when you’re sitting down, you’re still using a lot of muscles. Because of the way that people tend to live, there are muscles that hardly ever get a break, even when sleeping. Inversion tables change everything, taking pressure off of some of these muscles so that they can really relax like it would be impossible for them to do in day-to-day life. This can help the muscles recover, reduce the pain that you feel, and give your muscles rest when it is needed.

Preventing Back Surgery

There have even been cases where people who thought they were going to need back surgery tried inversion tables and found that they could cure their issues in that fashion so that surgery was never needed. While that alone is a huge benefit – especially when you look at the cost of surgery – it also means that they did not have to go through the long recovery time after surgery. This can sometimes take weeks or months. Spending a small amount of time on an inversion board can save you from this trouble, ensuring that you don’t miss work, school and time with your family.

For an example of how this works, just look to a study that was done back in 2012. The subjects of the study were 22 different individuals who had signed up for back surgery because they each had a slipped disc. While they waited, they were doing physical therapy and the like. When they added inversion tables into the mix, the results were dramatic. A full 77 percent of the people were able to skip the surgery. While this is not a perfect rate, showing that it may not be a replacement for surgery in all cases, a success rate like that is definitely worthy of note.

Improved Circulation

For those with circulation problems, the health benefits of hanging upside down may include improving natural circulation in the body. This can be especially helpful if circulation to the extremities is lacking, leading to tingling sensations, numbness, and even the loss of color in the fingers and toes. This especially happens when people are exposed to extreme cold. While this can make anyone numb, those with circulatory issues are at a higher risk. Improving circulation can eliminate this, though it should be noted that it can also increase blood pressure, so those with high blood pressure should make sure that they are healthy enough to use it before deciding to do so.

A Replacement for Yoga

Finally, it should be noted that inversion tables provide some of the same benefits that people tend to get from yoga. Those who are not able to do yoga for any reason, or who have no desire to do it, may find that these tables can be a good substitution. Depending on their specific needs and the direction they take their own inversion table tactics, they could experience a mixtures of the health benefits of hanging upside down, with some coming through more distinctly than others.