What’s the Difference Between the Teeter EP-560 and EP-960?

One of the most common questions we receive at the Inversion Table Guide website is, “what’s the difference between the Teeter EP-560 and EP-960?”

While they are both excellent tables and come highly recommended here, the EP-960 costs around $100 more and has some premium features that are outlined in the table below. The additional features of the EP-960 mostly relate to convenience features for locking your ankles into place and getting into the preferred position.

Choose Your Teeter

Compare what’s included with the EP-560 and EP-960 inversion tables.

Teeter EP-560
Teeter EP-960
Teeter Inversion Table – UL Listed X X
Better Back™ Accupressure Nodes X X
Better Back™ Lumbar Bridge X X
with Healthy Back and Core Routines X X
Full-Color Owner’s Manual X X
FULL 5-Year Warranty X X
Priority Processing X X
EZ-Reach™ Ankle System   X
EZ-Stretch™ Traction Handles   X
Stretch Max™ Handles   X
EZ-Angle™ Tether   X

Information courtesy of TeeterTV.com.

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